This First Generation Black American Is Running As A Republican

Originally posted on Refinery29:

In some ways, Shion Fenty's campaign is similar to that of many others taking place this year across the U.S. She's a 37-year-old Black woman, a first-time candidate, and is facing two middle-aged white men in the primary. But there's something that sets her apart from the wave of other women of color running for office this year: Fenty is a Republican.

The fact that she's a Black woman and the daughter of immigrants in a Virginia congressional district that recently turned blue would make many think she's a Democrat. But the fashion designer and business owner doesn't resent that assumption.

"They automatically stereotype you: 'Since you're African-American, you must be Democrat.' So I get a lot of shocked faces like, 'What the heck is going on?!' and a lot of people have been ... kind of suspicious," she told Refinery29. "Once people talk to me, and they get to know me, and they understand where I'm coming from — after that they've just been very welcoming and very open."

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