I am proud to endorse my friend Shion Fenty as the Republican nominee for the 4th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. Her campaign slogan, Educate and Empower, is not only an accurate depiction of her upbringing, but is the central theme of how she plans to address some of our most pressing challenges. 

Shion is a daughter of immigrants and one of seven children who was raised by a single mother. The quality education Shion received in conjunction with her life experiences has laid the groundwork for her successful career as an entrepreneur and as a mentor for children in foster care. We can no longer view the challenges of our society through lenses of the past. 

A fresh approach and unique skill set are necessary to do this service. Among many things, she will support our small businesses to encourage and strengthen our economic growth. She will implement true education reform to ensure a literate and prosperous future for our children regardless of their socioeconomic status. She will repair the broken immigration system that has created undue challenges within our communities. I encourage voters in the 4th District to vote in the Republican Primary on June 12th for new approaches to antiquated policies.


Senator Siobhan Dunnavant


I am pleased to endorse Shion Fenty in the June 12th Republican Primary to represent the citizens of the Fourth District in the House of Representatives. She will do a great job supporting the economic policies of President Trump. Shion will represent the entire district and will be a fresh, strong, new voice in Congress.

The Fourth Congressional District has dramatically changed during the past two years. Where once it was a reliable conservative republican district, today, on paper, it favors liberal democrats. Traditional Republican candidates and campaigns of the past will not lead our party to success in the future. We need conservatives who can appeal to millennials, single woman and mom’s, people of color and working class voters. We need a candidate like Shion Fenty to represent the Fourth District in Congress.

Shion’s experience as a small business owner, mentor to inner-city children, foster parent and avid supporter of her community make her uniquely qualified to serve our diverse district in congress. As a daughter of immigrants Shion has experienced the American dream first hand. She understands the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve success and believes ALL should have the same opportunities she and her family have had.

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Carey Lynn Allen

Director, (Chesterfield District) James River Soil and Water Conservation

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I ask my friends who live in the Fourth Congressional District of Virginia to join me in supporting my friend Shion Fenty.

Thomas Turner

First Vice Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia

As a writer and political observer, I have the opportunity to interview and meet interesting people who want the
absolute best for our country.

Having interviewed both candidates and moderated one debate, I can say that Republicans have two outstanding candidates in Virginia's 4th Congressional District -- but the one who will connect with voters like we have never seen before is Shion A. Fenty.

After speaking with her, I know she has a passion for service and a determined spirit. Shion has the enthusiasm and energy we need to enact policies that improve education, empower our communities, and make our economy great.

I believe that between our prayers and her values, she will represent this district with skill, compassion, and sincerity. Shion has the gift to unite people and to work with all sides to find solutions to the many challenges our country faces.

For these reasons, along with her solid positions on the issues, I enthusiastically endorse Shion A. Fenty to be the Republican nominee to represent Virginia's 4th Congressional District in the House of Representatives.

The Republican Primary is next Tuesday, June 12th. Please join me in voting for Shion A. Fenty. Her campaign to Educate and Empower the residents of the 4th District is a winning message!

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I’m Carrie Emerson Coyner and I enthusiastically endorse Shion Fenty to be the Republican nominee to represent the 4th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. As a member of the Chesterfield County School Board I applaud Shion’s beliefs that a child’s educational decisions should be made on the local level and not in Washington. Local school boards, working in partnership with a child’s parent, know best how a child can learn. Shion believes as I do that we must prepare our children for 21st Century careers. To do this we need innovative curriculums developed by those who know our children best. It will be great to have a member of congress who will truly put our children’s future first.

Please join me in voting for Shion Fenty in the Republican Primary on June 12th. It will be a vote you will never forget!

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Carrie Emerson Coyner 

Chesterfield County School Board
Bermuda District

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Shion Fenty was on the “Hatchet Nation” this morning with Brother Craig Johnson. Shion and Craig spoke about the foundations of the “Seven ‘C’s’ of Conservatism,” and what her campaign of Educate & Empower means.

Brother Craig also said that he “unabashedly” endorses her campaign to secure the Republican nomination of the 4th Congressional District.

Craig is someone who does not normally endorse during primaries, so we take this endorsement very seriously. We need a representative that can go beyond the normal rank-in-file political rhetoric, and actually begin putting truth to topics.

We wholeheartedly thank Craig Johnson for his confidence in Shion and ask everyone to vote Tuesday, June 12 for Republican Shion Fenty.

Brother Craig Johnson

Shion Fenty cares deeply about K-12 Education and Small Business Development. Since 98% of the businesses in the Fourth Congressional District of Virginia have less than 100 employees, Ms. Fenty will make education, regulatory reduction and tax reform a high priority for her constituents.


George T. Farrell

Chair Focused on electing Minority Republicans and increasing minority voters nationwide